Commissioned in 2006, LOGIX Stone’s state-of-the-art new factory became operational in 2007 to meet the rising demand for high quality Egyptian stones.  Located in New Cairo, Egypt, the factory is situated on 34,000 m2 (370,000 ft2) and is equipped with the world’s fastest tile processing line from Pedrini with a maximum daily output of 1,000 m2 as well as a Breton Slab Line with a maximum daily output of 2,000 m2.  LOGIX takes pride in its use of all Italian machinery and consumables from industry leaders such as Ferrari & Cigarini, Luna, BM Officine, Graveltona Macchine Marmo, and Dellas to name a few.


GMM LITOX - CNC Machine                 PEDRINI - Stripping Machine

FERRARI & CIGARINI - Three-Head Cutting Machine                 PEDRINI - Grinding/Prepolishing Machine

BM OFFICINE - Gangsaw                 PEDRINI - Splitting Machine

PEDRINI - Tile Roller Bench                 PEDRINI - Trimming Machine

PEDRINI - Chamferring Machine                 PEDRINI - Continuous Cross-Cutting Machine

PEDRINI - 17-Head Polishing Machine                 LINE 5 - QA Color Sorting

LINE 5 - QA Inspection                 WAREHOUSE - Inventory

ORMIG - Mobile Telescopic Crane                 KROMAS - Tumbling Machine